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A place to find (mostly) Lisp related code and tips. Why did I not simply download that stuff to the "big guns" (see links at the right) about Common Lisp?

Well, because this is also an exercice on Web site creation with Lisp, alike to some lispers who have their own site or blog done with Lisp tools. This one is made using UCW. I will try to illustrate UCW features online here as soon as I discover them.

Who am I?

Working in a technical and scientific field where I can (sometimes...) use Lisp tools. You can contact me by login on the forum. My public key is available here.

About the site content

I use Debian, so code and tips may have some debianisms in them. All code is released under the copyright of the original package in case of patches. My own code is GPL3. Media content from Scott Harmon under Creative Commons licence 2.0; text part of the site under same licence.